Blc. Michael's Charm

Oberonia setigera

Some amazing examples of the variety in orchids.


It's a new season for Orchid Shows and the next one is Orchid Quest 2019 - Feb. 2-3 in Madison.

For those new to submitting plants to shows, or those that need reminding, see "Getting plants ready for a show", (click on link)

Bulb. Makoyanum

Onc. sphacelatum

Coelogyne mooreana 


Paph. Kovachi 'Maximus' x 'Goliath'

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Paph. Bell Ringer 'Chimes'

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Greetings from the folks of the Orchid Grower's Guild, Madison WI. We have regular meetings, typically the third Sunday of the month. Our meeting place is at Olbrich Botanical Gardens, 3330 Atwood Ave. in Madison. Our big event is Orchid Quest in late January/early February. Orchid Quest is one of the largest orchid displays and shows in the mid-west. See the "meetings' and "Orchid Quest"  pages on this site for additional information.

​If you can grow a houseplant you can grow an orchid!  Many  species are amazingly hardy and do not require as much care as some houseplants. Orchids come in many sizes, shapes, colors, and ease or difficulty of growing. There are approximately 50,000 different orchids in the world and each is a jewel of a flower.

​​Orchid Grower's Guild
Madison, Wisconsin

Dend. pierardii

Paph. charlesworthii x charlesworthii

Tolumnia Pink Panthers

MTSSA.C. M. Fitch Izumi

Ctsm. Pontagee Star 'Brian Lawson's Sunrise' x Ctsm. Susan Fuchs 'Burgundy Chips' ECC/AOS 

Rhynchostylis gigantea

Phal. Exotic Fire

Maxillaria tenufolia

Phal. Malibu Real

Phal. Brother Lawrence Sinica Sunday Taisuco Carol

Phragmipedium Ackers Superstar 4N x waliisii

Masd. Mary Staal

Onc. Twinkles

Prosthecha cochleata #1xsib#2 (Encyclia)